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Products - Technical Supplies
Nesoor Elwadi can supply certified companies requirement whatever local or imported, e.g. all types of ropes, hand cleaner gojo, mechanical and electrical tools, Hammer Union, drill collars, drill pipes, pin and box protectors, bolts and nuts, asbestos-non asbestos gasket, cork rubber sheet, PTFE sheet, tube and pipes, silicon rubber rolls, gland packing, deck store, marine Jotun paints, Sigma paints, hoses, laundry soap, clothes and linen products, galley utensils, chemical products, cleaning materials, wires, shackles, wire slings, pad eyes, web slings, wire lock etc.

Also Nesoor Elwadi can supply any kind of Shell oils, grease and oil pad. N.B.: we can also supply all types of drinks and mineral water and all stationery types (paper for printer/copier, printers, copiers, scanners, marker, pens etc...)